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House Rules

  1. Users can only be in the studio premises on the allocated timing, which inclusive of changing in and out of clothes/costumes.

  2. No food and drinks allowed in studio area. Food and drinks can be consumed at the changing and waiting area, but please maintain cleanliness around the areas.

  3. Due to space constrain, we limit to a maximum of 8 studio users (inclusive of helpers) per session.

  4. We will charge at a rate of $10 per pax for any additional hour of studio usage.



Will it be overcrowded?

In order to ensure an enjoyable experience to our customers, we impose a capacity limit of 8 in our studio.

Can I customise any of the themes?

Please contact us via Facebook or email for assistance.

Any chance of clashing of theme usage with other studio users?

It is possible that there may be multiple groups queuing for a particular theme. We encourage the spirit of sharing is caring!

Can I book the studio after operating hours?

Yes, please contact us!

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