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Benadryl For Cat Allergy

Benadryl can be used to help soothe some of these symptoms and it is safe for cats. Food allergies are diagnosed using an elimination diet, in which feeding previously unused protein sources should lead to improvement after 4-6 weeks. For cats, the best therapy is to change their diet and avoid the allergenic cat food protein. Some common Benadryl side effects in cats include: Sedation / drowsiness Agitation / excitement Dry mouth Increased heart rate Difficulty urinating Drooling Diarrhea Vomiting If you notice that your cat looks very sedated or presents any of the other signs during treatment with Benadryl, stop giving the medication and contact your veterinarian. Dry mouth.

Difficulty urinating. Drooling. Diarrhea. Vomiting. Decreased appetite. Side effects could take up to an hour to occur, post-administration of the product. If you are concerned about your cat then call your veterinarian for advice. A mild overdose of diphenhydramine can cause sedation and clumsiness.

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